The Trent Rice Show

Alas, poor Nate, we hardly knew 'ye--Thursday's "Trent Rice Show"
State, national, and international politics--Tuesday's "Trent...
IT'S SO LOUD! Also, a City Council preview--Monday's "Trent Rice Show"
Stein and Swenson--Tuesday's "Trent Rice Show"
Ames PD says be wary of out-of-town contractors
Council preview, Legislature ends, tech addiction--Monday's...
The AVCB, APD, and CyRide 2.0--Thursday's "Trent Rice Show"
Cash grabs, Koreas, and contrived controversy--Tuesday's...
The Prez and The Avengers--Friday's "Trent Rice Show"
Endless Winter and Spring Football--Tuesday's "Trent Rice Show"
Fair housing and hating on Starbucks-Monday's "Trent Rice Show"
Building of Lawmakers, "Isle of Dogs"--Friday's "Trent Rice Show"


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