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AM 570 LA Sports Dodgers Spring Training Broadcast Schedule

Dodgers baseball is back! Tune in to Spring Training baseball right here on AM 570 LA Sports on the free iHeartRadio app!

2.22.24: Dodgers vs. Padres

2.23.24: Dodgers vs. Padres

2.24.24: Dodgers vs. Angels

2.25.24: Dodgers vs. Athletics

2.26.24: Dodgers vs. Rockies

2.27.24: Dodgers vs. White Sox

2.28.24: Dodgers vs. Rangers

3.5.24: Dodgers vs. Angels

3.7.24: Dodgers vs. Giants

3.9.24: Dodgers vs. Rangers

3.10.24: Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks

3.12.24: Dodgers vs. Giants

3.24.24: Dodgers vs. Angels

3.25.24: Dodgers vs. Angels

3.26.24: Dodgers vs. Angels

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