Escaped Wallaby Captured After Wandering Through College Campus


Photo: APG / Moment / Getty Images

An escaped wallaby was captured after causing a stir at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee. The school shared photos of the marsupial, which belonged to a nearby homeowner, hopping around the 1000-acre campus.

"Campus wildlife alert! 🦘 This morning, our campus had a surprise visitor - a Harrogate resident's escaped pet wallaby! The unexpected guest was spotted bounding across campus and entered the woods behind Grant-Lee Hall," the school wrote on Facebook.

A spokesperson for the school told WBIR that the Claiborne County Sheriff's Department and Animal Control were called to the campus and tracked the wallaby into the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.

The school updated the post just before noon to say the wallaby was captured and is safe.

According to WATE, it is legal to own a wallaby as a pet in the state of Tennessee. In order to have a pet wallaby, you must obtain permits from the state's Department of Agriculture.

Officials did not identify the owner or say if they had the proper permits to keep the marsupial as a pet.

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