'Demonic' Ghost Filmed In Public Park

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Usually, when a dog owner goes for a walk with their pet, it is pretty pleasant, aside from sometimes having to pick up after the pooch, but one couple walking their labradors had a very strange morning recently.

Hannah and Dave Rowett were enjoying an early morning jaunt through a public park in England when, according to Hannah, they "felt they weren't alone." The feeling was strong enough for Hannah to take out her phone and film the surroundings, and what she captured is pretty eerie.

The video shows a ghostly white silhouette crossing the path in front of her. After seeing it happen and then watching the footage she captured, she told Dave, "I've just seen a ghost." Even Dave, a skeptic, was jarred, saying how his hairs "stood up on end" when he watched the video.

It should be noted that Clumber Park, where Hannah spotted the paranormal presence, is said to be haunted by a female spirit known as the "Grey Lady" because she is often seen wearing a long grey cloak.

Hannah told the The Mirror, "Initially I thought it was a dog, but then as I look at it it's more a human-type form...It's quite demonic in the way it's crawling and has long limbs. It never changes its form and if it was smoke it would change." She added that she has sensed things before and is always ready to film in those situations, explaining, "When I sense things I always get my camera out because you don't always see things with the naked eye. That's why I caught it. I think it's such an incredible image that I wanted to share it."

Commenters aren't as sure about the footage, with many saying the figure is just cigarette smoke, but neither Dave nor Hannah smoke nor vape. Someone else suggested, "It's cold. Someone's probably breathed in and let out some steam," but many who've seen the clip are believers, writing things like, "The image is too far away to be smoke or breath... Scary," and, "This doesn't look edited."

You can see more on Hannah's Facebook page.

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