Honest Answers are Dangerous

Why do we tempt fate by being honest when answering loved ones questions. There are some I go completely deaf on because there is no right answer. e.g.

Do these shorts make me look fat? Can you see my flabby arms in this blouse? Do you think my hair is looking whiter?

Honesty is not always the best policy and can quickly turn into a twisted interpretation of "you don't love me". I have learned over the years that the best answer to these questions is a handy little item called a mirror, then they can see what they want without jeopardizing your health and sanity.

The Ames High Little Cyclone take on the Ankeny Hawks in a double header baseball contest tonight at 4:45. You can hear all the action when you listen on your Home Town station, 1430 KASI or 1430kasi.com and on your iHeart app.

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