Looking at the new fallen snow and wishing I had a reason to drive, walk or frolic in it, seriously I haven't frolicked in years. In the back of my mind I know it's this semi isolated world I live in. I got my 1st covid test last week as a requirement for my surgery, it came back negative. It was not the swab but the spit in a cup test, what is there about knowing you have to do something as simple as spitting and suddenly getting "dry mouth" when it's time. Not only that but it was a drive through and there are six cars waiting behind you. After my surgery I couldn't leave the hospital until I urinated, for some reason the nurse saying she would be right outside when I finished magically stopped a natural function for 12 hours. Well I finally got home and have not been outside since Thursday but I fully intend to try a light frolic tonight and I'm sure my wife will put a shovel in my hand to release my anxiety.

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