Blizzard Warning for Ames, not Des Moines SNOW MAP

WHO-13 Weather

(Ames, IA) -- Ames and Des Moines are only 30 miles apart, but with the snow storm coming through today, the weather will be dramatically different.

The area from Fort Dodge to Ames to Grinnell marks the southern boundary of a Blizzard Warning. WHO-13 Meteorologist Jeriann Ritter says Ames will get nearly five inches of snow, and with high winds there'll be white-out conditions. This includes much of the I-35 corridor to the north.

Des Moines and the rest of Iowa will get some snow and high winds, resulting in poor driving conditions, but those areas won't reach the level of Blizzard conditions.

Flash Freeze

The National Weather Service says the snow that melted during Wednesday's warm temperatures and the rain that fell this morning, could become a sheet of ice on roads as temperatures rapidly fall below freezing, causing a dangerous Flash Freeze.

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Snow map from WHO-13 Meteorologist Jeriann Ritter

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