With lots of wind and a big snow event on it's way to central Iowa, I find myself worry free. For the 1st time in my life I will benefit from a snow removal service. I began my career in snow removal at 9 years of age under the tutelage of my older brothers who felt it was time to pass the shovel on to me. They took turns supervising my work as they went inside to warm up or headed out to clear snow for people who were willing to pay for their service. A couple of years later I organized my own crew and handed home removal to my younger brother. I have continued removal since then and have gone through numerous shovels and a couple of snow blowers. Last year, after a few medical challenges I found myself still able to move it but suffered for a few days afterwards. My wife had seen enough and contacted a friend of ours who services our lawn in the summers and discovered he and his crew do snow removal in the winter, they're hired! As I've gotten older it's been hard for me to accept that there are certain things I can no longer do without causing me harm, but I can honestly admit moving snow is not one one I will miss.

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