Every once in a while we are reminded of our short sightedness and the fact that we literally let a fortune slip through our fingers. As I perused one of my favorite yet agonizing web sites, Heritage Auctions, I noticed it was comic book days. Comic books was a fairly cheap form of literary entertainment as I was growing up, for the mere cost of a dime I could fantasize about space travel, super heroes and cartoon characters. My friends and I would often trade or lend them then eventually our treasures were deemed trash by our parents and sacrificed in many backyard incinerators. (yes we could burn back then). As I looked through the auctions offerings I began crying as I realized that at some point in my life I had let a fortune literally slip through my fingers, some of the issues bringing in bids of over a million dollars. Oh, if only we had the foresight but then again how many things had we owned e.g. toys, cars, athletic cards etc. that now have turned to gold. No real regrets as anything I owned would be far from pristine as I used them for their intended purpose. Nothing would be in it's original box or cover those were also disposed of. The value of these things were never in mind when I got them only the priceless hours of entertainment they provided in a time long gone.

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