SPIRITS ABOUND (not paranormal)

I have always been accused of being an entertainer, first singing to a captured audience in grade school, I found that pushing the merry go round at excessive speed made most of my classmates afraid to jump off and succeed in escaping. In high school I entered the category of "Class Clown" and always made sure that the teachers were as entertained as the students and subject matter was pertinent to what was being taught. As I traveled a circuit of coffee houses in the midwest after high school I found the later I performed the more laughs I got, no secret here, the crowd was more receptive after imbibing alcohol or succumbing to other forms of chemical enhancements. When I became an entrepreneur in the bar business I honed my skills in personal insults that could be enjoyed by those observing and the target objective. Many times I would honor the requests of a patron who had suffered the stinging remarks of the night before bringing in new customers then would secretly ask me to insult them. Again my performances were enhanced by loosening patrons inhibitions with their choice of "spirits" and making sure my remarks would not cause physical retribution but laughs from all concerned. In reading lately that alcohol sales for the last couple of months is up by 1/3 and that recreational marijuana usage has risen lends me thought to raising that skill from the ashes but then again I'm less physically reachable by staying in radio, besides at 73 I'm not sure whether people will laugh or further their belief that the elderly are vengeful.

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