Everybody has an opinion about the assault that happened in the nation's capitol. While the cause may have seemed righteous for some, the way it it was administered was not. Personally, my fervent hope would have been for a peaceful demonstration of chanting, singing, and yes jeering those that disagreed. Being an experienced protester so many years ago I attended many rallies of passive resistance, where some participants were carted off being arrested without incident. The message was conveyed in a quieter tone, that is not to say there weren't those of a more aggressive nature in attendance that often marred the intended message of the protest. Although I was not in agreement with the cause yesterday I respected their right to be heard, that all went away when the attack on the capitol took place. To disrespect and destroy the symbols of our democracy plus jeopardize the lives of those elected officials and their aides was despicable and unfortunately marred all who attended whether peaceably or not. The inciters and those that fed the flames should be punished and the inaction of those who could have changed the course but didn't should leave a scar on their lives and mark them as treacherous forever. God Bless and Help America.

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