With the isolation of the pandemic I have exposed myself to way to much television and of course with that the ads that accompany it. With the demise of cigarette advertising so many years ago many viewers wondered how programming would be altered with that loss of revenue. Fear not as the pharmaceutical companies have filled the void quite well. We now have ailments that are being given unpronounceable names and remedies. Just as the old medicine shows of the wild west we have tonics and cures for whatever ails you. If you are paying close attention you'll notice the disclaimers take up 3/4 of the commercial and the possible side effects are more frightening than the disease. I tend to freeze up at the phrase "and in some cases death has occurred" or "Do not take if allergic to (drug name here)", how do you know unless you've taken it? Life, for the most part, has an unknown ending and yet there are drugs that claim to extend it. Some drug companies are making humanitarian gestures telling us if you are unable to afford their drug they may be able to help during the pandemic, I am assuming they are dropping their profit margin and will resume, in some cases, a return to the exorbitant cost afterwards. If indeed the situation becomes cost prohibitive I've learned there are plenty of supplemental insurance companies willing to offer you relief and a number of services that will help you choose the right one. I am not unsympathetic to the diverse and numerous ailments we suffer, I just need a cure for pharmaceutical advertising fatigue.

The Ames High Basketball Teams travel to Fort Dodge for a double header tonight starting at 6 pm. With the Pandemic limiting fans we want to remind you that we have a front row seat reserved by your radio as KASI Sports Director Dave Sprau will bring you all the action. It's a full court press and basket to basket action on the home town station of the Little Cyclones, 1430 KASI, and on your FREE iHeart app.