Good-bye 2020, Hello 2021! There's something uplifting about leaving 2020 behind, even though we are facing some of the same problems we are seeing solutions on the horizon. Although our isolation will continue for the first few month's there is a vaccine now being administered that looks to alleviate the dire effects of Covid 19. We are optimistic that the political scene will soften and we will see a more cooperative effort by legislators to serve the people and remedy some of the nations ills. The fight to reduce racism will continue but I believe has already made advances. A sense of normalcy will be felt but will be a different normal than we once knew. 2020 was a year we're happy to forget but has also attested to the creativity of our society and realize the dependency we share with others. There is a silver lining in the year that was in lessons learned and more to come in 2021.

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