Vacations, Not What They Used to Be

"Use it or lose it" is the vacation policy of our business, with all the complications of this year I kind of put this thought on the back burner. This week I'm burning up another week, nowhere to go and not much to do. The house has never been cleaner and the "To Do" chores have been accomplished because of Covid 19 so what to do? I've once again set about reorganizing my extensive vinyl record collection an effort I love but seldom accomplish because I'm constantly putting something on the turntable and reliving moments of significance tied to it. I have also begun reviewing my electronic game collection, Wii, Switch, Play Stations 2 and 4, and G 360. I have discovered I don't need new games if I take the time to finish the ones I never finished because of frustration, still don't have the patience. Today I have started going through my VHS and DVD collections and discovered they're virtually useless as I have access to this programming and more through the "On Demand" services I have. So it's off to the internet to see what interests I can find and ways to diminish my bank account. Hopefully next year I'll have more ways to use vacation than lose it, got a lot of time to make up for.

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