Investor, Collector or just Wonderful Memories?

While perusing on line some kind of unique Christmas gifts I happened across an auction site. This week they were featuring sports memorabilia like worn jerseys, autographed baseballs, championship rings etc...I determined that my bank account was much too small to acquire any of these treasures and that it would be a special person indeed who would get one as a gift. I also questioned what one does with these after their acquisition, proudly display them in your man cave or den, put them in a safe place and hope they gain value or place them in a place you can worship them. I have some "priceless" items in a couple of boxes in the attic, a baseball signed by my little league team of 1974, we didn't win very often but boy did we have fun. Another baseball and picture signed by the last Iowa State Varsity Baseball team before the program was dropped. A dozen or more bowling trophies for sportsmanship but not a one for high score. Every shirt and sweatshirt I got from Special Olympics Iowa for participating in 14 Polar Plunges. A Cy and autographed Johnny Orr bobbleheads and every softball shirt from every team I was on for 50 years. These items are only a few I possess many times to my wife's frustration when we're cleaning out, but to me they hold so many memories and are true time machines...PRICELESS!

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