The Ending is the Beginning

You are probably as anxious as I am for the political ads to drift into obscurity, I will also be saddened as we in the broadcast industry are bi partisan when it comes to selling time and admittedly Presidential elections are the most lucrative. Fret not for us, as in the last few elections the losing party begins their next campaign immediately. Sadly the quest often stifles any opportunity for effective governing and literally eliminates most hope for compromise. The election cycle never ends and varying opinions remain in place many times creating barriers between friends and families. At some point we must learn that no matter what our party affiliation in the end we're all Americans and built this country by working together. The respect that we had built in the world has been sadly diminished, our values questioned, our image tarnished. We have a large task before us that cannot be accomplished if we don't work together and open our minds. Let the ending of this election begin a renewed effort to appreciate each others opinions and learn the meaning of compromise.

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