Halloween Hell

Deciding what to be for Halloween has never been difficult for me as I usually go as me. My wife says my choice of daily clothing would make one think Halloween is every day of the year. It was a holiday that stretched my parents meager budget a little too much so it was usually some simple home made costume, you know 2 holes in an old sheet and you have instant ghost. I was always afraid of the "Trick" in Trick or Treat, I always hoped the folks along the way would be benevolent benefactors and not require a song or the poor semblance of a joke and send us on our way with "Thank You" as payment enough. As I matured at the age of 8 and felt I had suffered enough humiliation, I now took on a new role still requiring costuming and relieved my parents of escorting my younger brother in a designed 2 block maximum route in the neighborhood. My brother was of a thespian nature and was prepared for encores after his opening trick while I feigned a cough and sore throat for sympathy candy. I was finally relieved of duty at the age of 12 as my brother joined his friends from then on. Little did I know I was to fall under the tutelage of my older brother for the next chapter of Halloween...To be continued

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