Halloween Continued

As we last left me I had been relieved of going door to door Trick or Treating only to learn of other more nefarious responsibilities required by my age group as my older brother was about to age out. I was tutored along with several other friends in another aspect of the holiday that incited more "Trickery" than trick. Our curriculum included soaping windows, strategically placed burning bags of dog excrement, well tossed eggs, decorating with rolls of toilet paper and the burning of the then, still legal, airplane glue on concrete leaving blackened words of wisdom or criticism, I graduated with honors at the top of my delinquent class and perfecting my look of astonishment as my parents discussed what had happened to some folks in the neighborhood. My mother would always always shake her head and my father would laugh and say "I guess my days of tipping over outhouses was not so bad." As we reached the esteemed and for some of us amazing status of Seniors in High School we passed on the antics to the next generation some of which survive to this day, others lost for eternity. (I was recently asked "What is airplane glue?"

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