Snow Again?

The subject of snow held my thoughts captive again today, maybe because I actually witnessed it rather than woke up to it and at times it actually looked like it could amount to something, it did not. In fact as I write this most of it has dissipated and melted. The shock and fascination of the early white stuff has now passed and serves only as a reminder of what's ahead and the postings and pictures on social media has all but ceased. I'm sure that it may have caused some of our snowbirds to move up their departure dates, then again it may have reminded some of the beauty the rest of us will enjoy (kind of?). There's still plenty of time for winterization it just may be a bit cooler this year and I wonder how many went out and moved their snow shovels to the front and gave the snow blowers a test start. No doubt it will come and at times with a vengeance but we're Iowans and after what we've gone through for the past 7 months with the pandemic and our first and hopefully last Durecho... BRING IT ON!

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