Snow, Snow Go Away!

WHAT! Snow sparkling on my cars Sunday morning and a bit glistening in the grass, I'm just not ready for winter's blessing yet. This was going to be leaf raking day, my trees have voided themselves of the bright colors and left them moldering to that dull brown ground cover that is hesitant to surrender to both rake and blower. Mother Nature will do her best to share them with the neighbors through her strong winds but also to no avail. No, it will require a couple of days of drying out before I can accomplish the task at hand. The snow has also affected my wife's mental state as she began talking about Christmas decorations entirely skipping over Thanksgiving, I have attempted to get her grounded with little success. I think we're all looking for that diversion that puts Covid 19 a little further back in our minds. Granted even the holidays will be different in the way we celebrate, smaller groups, less travel and we may still not be allowed to visit "Over the river and through the woods" to Grandmothers house, but our hearts, souls and good wishes will be with each other. I have a feeling that their won't be a grace or prayer said that won't include the wish that this terrible pandemic be over. So maybe I've been a little over critical of this first snow, after all it's one of the few normal things that happens anymore and it did give me the incentive to share my thoughts with you.

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