Out Rage Us!

The competition is keen and over the slightest issues, cutting in line at a drive through, not coming to a complete stop at a 4 way, parking over the line at a grocery etc. We have been so restricted and isolated for the past several months that our irritability factor has increased 10 fold. There's something within us that makes us easily forget some of these very same transgressions we ourselves have committed e.g. almost sideswiping a car that came up in our blind spot. We need to step back for a minute and remember the moments that we were an accidental perpetrator rather than the victim then evaluate the possible outcome of our rage and it's worth. These are difficult times foisted upon us all and we need to extinguish that short fuse before it's lit. Together is a word with more meaning now than ever before and with patience and understanding we will get through this TOGETHER!

Can you use a "Grand in Your Hand"? Be listening to 1430 KASI throughout the day for your opportunity!