Top Up, Top Down

Tis that time of year when we begin to winterize our things before the 1st snow flies. We have already taken down our pool, I never got my Motorcycle out of the garage this year and will hang the "For Sale" sign on it next spring. My SLK 230 Mercedes convertible has a few top down days before it heads to my daughters garage for winter where my son in law, who just happens to be a certified Mercedes mechanic, will prepare it for it's next spring coming out party. The Durecho did one good thing, it provided us and all our friends with plenty of fire pit wood and we've been invited to several small safe gatherings. The raking is still a couple of weeks away and yes we still climb and clean the house gutters not to mention some window washing. Covid 19 has certainly provided us with enough social distancing and restrictions to get our house and all that goes along with it in order. Maybe the 'Honey Do" list will be less than 2 pages next year!

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