Masking Emotions

I didn't realize until now how much the lower half of your face is essential to telling your moods. I'm a person who likes to smile whenever I pass someone, this is to assure them I mean no ill will and wish them a happy day. Although I still smile, behind the mask they have no way of telling my intentions and everyone knows people over 70 have lightening fast changes in temperament. Every day I spend a few minutes in front of the mirror trying to smile with my eye brows to no avail. Now anger is a whole different situation as is contemplation, the light furrowing of the brow shows thoughtfulness, a harder and more intense furrowing is anger. There's one more improvement that could be added, a saliva gutter, perhaps it's only me but after extended times under the mask there is a moisture build up. After all is said and done we should definitely have a mass mask burning ceremony.

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