School Daze

Covid 19 has altered our school year drastically in Ames. We started with 100% on line learning for the first 2 weeks and today we go into a well thought out hybrid plan which puts students back in the classrooms on a percentage basis. I am certainly glad I have no school age children in my life to worry about and yet I worry about all of them. Knowing that the best possible conditions have been created for all, students, faculty and staff it haunts me because it may not be good enough. I have had to resign myself as to the importance of schools, not just as an academic institute but also, now, a limited social activity. My fervent hope is that things will work out better than I expect with no major incidents. This is one time I hope my fears are baseless, sometimes I'm more than happy to be wrong.

Ames High Football on Friday Night, Iowa State Football on Saturday on the home of the Cyclones Big and Little, 1430 KASI.