How can a world that looks so right be so forbidding? One of the few pleasures I get these days is jumping in the car for a random ride, as I peer out the windows nothing seems to have changed from every other year in my life and then it appears. Peoples faces have lost their ability to express emotion, are they smiling, are they angry, maybe they're just bored. The Mask, yes the mask disguises our true feelings and forces us to seek other ways of expressing ourselves. I have stood in front of the mirror countless times with my mask on and worked with the upper part of my head to remedy this situation and have found the eyebrows the most effective tool. The raising, lowering and sometimes scrunching can indicate a smile, frown, disbelief and anger, an accompanying tilt of the head or shake can give emphasis. Some people have also mastered hand movement to insure proper interpretation and as always have used one finger to show complete dissatisfaction. The mask is now accepted in places they were never allowed, Banks, Credit Unions, Convenience Stores and other financial institutions. While the world has not changed much in appearance, the mask is a constant reminder that it is not the same but remember the question established many years ago "Who was that Masked Man/" still holds the power of being a hero and saving lives.

Football Returns next week as the Ames High Little Cyclones play Friday Night and the Iowa State Cyclones return to their field on Saturday on the hometown Station of the cyclones Big and Little, 1430 KASI!