I am not a scientist but have probably experimented as much as most, especially with my life. I have tried to stay out of falling prey to trends and have avoided assimilation to the best of my abilities. I have always admired originality and those individuals who are willing to step out of the box rather than copy to fit in. I am a survivor of bell bottom pants, paisley shirts, suede vests, round glasses and Nehru jackets. My hair and beard was long, I wore the bling of a hippie, sang songs, read poetry to the sounds of snapping fingers and traversed this land using only my thumb. I am a child of free love and free clinics, one necessitating the other. It is from this background I work hard to understand strangely colored hair, pants that hang below your butt, facial tattoos and texting instead of conversation. These would seem to be the time honored tradition of rambling old men who've suddenly lost touch with time, live in the past and have forgotten their own youthful transgressions. I am not one of those I assure you, I just want to know why?

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