Seasonal Preview

Having a drastic change in weather we went from mid summer to late fall in one day, although this would be a shocker for some parts of the country we call it Iowa. We know in the back of our heads this is actually a weather aberration and we'll return to more seasonal temperatures in a few days. It's a great opportunity to check out our fall fashions and ready for winter. It prepares us for what I consider to be the most beautiful time of the year, the changing of tree colors, the bright visions of farmers as they gather the crops, walks and bike rides on paths that highlight the beauty of our great state. Oh, don't think a few will complain about the temperature or the brisk winds that scatter the leaves around our feet but we will maintain that right as long as we live here knowing that not so long from now as we clear the beautiful crystalline first snow from our driveways and sidewalks we'll reminisce about the beauty of this day. I don't know what draws some to want to live in a one dimensional climate, as for me I'll take the 4 seasons of Iowa, it gives something to brag, bitch, and cherish all rolled into one.

Iowa State begins it's Football Season this Saturday and 1430 KASI starts it's Tailgate Show at 7am. Join Mel Crippen and Chuck Reed as they get you prepared for the days match up and other things pertaining to Iowa State. It's the Cyclone Tailgate Show on the Hometown Station of the Cyclones, 1430 KASI.