Today is National Teddy Bear Day and brought back a flood of memories of how important this little stuffed animal was in our lives. I myself have no recollection of having a teddy bear and am reluctant to ask my older brother whether I did. Let me relate to you how I used my little brothers Teddy to make his life a little less traumatic. There were many times in our very young years he did not trust the advice of his constantly scheming older brother but when I spoke through "Tommy" his teddy bear the advice became golden. Tommy got him through his 1st day of school, a trip to the dentist, bullies that picked on him as well as a substantial loss in weight. Tommy's bedtime comedy shows put him to sleep and provided comfort throughout the night. He kept a place for that bear to his dying day and I'm sure had a few talks with it as he battled and lost his life to cancer. Tommy now resides with one of his daughter's and in my heart. My ventriloquist skills were never that good, but enough to help both of us through some rough times when growing up. So do me a favor, if you still have your teddy give him a big hug and show him some appreciation for being there when you needed them and standing by in this age of uncertainty in case you need him again.

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