So maybe I've got a bad attitude, so what, what're you going to do about it? Wait a minute, I'm sorry, I don't know why I'm taking it out on you my friends. This 23rd week of covid 19 isolation is taking it's toll, I find myself talking to inanimate objects and worse yet they're starting to talk back. I just got a call from my grandchild who's being held in a Turkish jail and needs $1500 to get out, I tried to explain that I had just given $5,000 to free a Nigerian prince who was being held a political prisoner. I was also amazed the Turkish Government was willing to take gift cards in lieu of cash. Then it struck me, I don't have any grandchildren and hung up. Wouldn't you know it, my phone rang again and wouldn't you know it, the IRS was auditing my taxes and needed to verify my personal information, again I hung up. I'm still waiting for the guy to show up with his equipment to fix my driveway. How lucky can one man be, he was working in the neighborhood and over ordered on the job he was doing and was willing to do my driveway for $1800 cash in advance. He said he would come over after they finished the other job, do you think 3 weeks is a little suspicious. Scam after scam is happening every day and for the most part I think we are wise to the ways but question everything you hear, remember being older is supposed to make us wiser not vulnerable to those who would play upon our caring and sometimes trusting souls.