What Happened To The Old Games

I was watching my daughter cleaning the garage the other day, I would have helped except they have declared me supervisor to keep me out of the way. You see I have a tendency to find items and reminisce how they fit into my lifes history, becoming emotional and put a death grip on them even if I haven't used them for 30 years. An example would be "Lawn Jarts" a skilled game that evidently sent enough people to the emergency room they were declared unsafe. Along those same lines we discovered my old set of Horseshoes, despite my pleas that the layers of rust could be buffed out, landed on the "to go" pile. There was a game of "Scoop Ball" which resembled back yard Jai Lai without the wall and required only that you throw and catch the ball with the scoops provided, the interest in this lasted about 5 minutes 40 years ago. A couple of wooden Tennis Rackets that desperately needed restringing and whole new frameworks. A croquet set with balls that would require repainting, I gave up many days of walking after missing a chance to blast my opponents ball into the next county while striking the inside of my foot with the mallet. Lastly but not leastly a game that provided hour upon hour of entertainment and saved many a broken window, "Wiffle Ball" the most damage this could do was wear out the grass in the base paths we established in the back yard. Each time one of these came up I pictured the friends I shared them with and like an old sports reel saw some of the great times we had. These are different times with different games so as I touched some of these items for the last time it was hard to let go and my only wish was that in some way I could share the happiness, joy and memories they gave me.

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