Remember When You Were Young

I have been hearing a lot lately about the stupidity and carelessness of our young people especially when it comes to their reckless abandon during covid 19. I must admit I never faced this type of challenge as I grew up and I'd like to think I'd respect the possible consequences but to be honest I'm not sure. The bulletproof feelings of youth are quite strong and the thought that you might be a spreader feel unreal and distant. The aspect of socialization is strong and in some cases irresistible and the very thought that I might be a vehicle of sickness and death unfathomable. All this being said the youth of today are no different than we were except obviously the circumstances have drastically changed. My fear is that convincing them that they indeed could be the harbingers of death may come at a very high price and will only be realized through the rearview mirror of life. All we ask is that you take a detour on the road of life knowing that the trip will continue later in a more normal fashion and may help some of us older more susceptible folks enjoy the ride a little bit longer.