It's Not So Hot

In a conversation on the way home my wife was drawing on my memories of growing up, it's a subject I often avoid because of our age difference of 21 years and is kind of an apples to oranges comparison. The advances in technology even in the last 10 years makes me feel like I grew up on the edge of the Stone Age. I must admit that walking upright has become a bit of a challenge as I grow older. One of the subjects she loves to talk about is climate change and she asked if I think summers have gotten warmer. Honestly all the scientific data says yes and looking at the affect on the Poles, disappearing glaciers and rising oceans all say yes but growing up in Iowa I honestly would be hard pressed to feel the difference. As children it was never too hot for us to play outside in fact I remember one summer in the 50's we ran through a heat wave of 100 degree plus days and my mother would still say "you kids get outside and play". It was a time of Kool Aid stands, drinking out of the garden hose, getting the ice man to chip off some of the little pieces as he shaved the blocks of ice, pick up baseball games, exploration via bicycles, secret meetings in the tree house, dramatic presentations in the "Garage Theater" and ditching our younger brothers and sisters. Is it actually warmer now? In Iowa I don't feel it's that much different, but now comes my senior moment, it seems to me it was warmer with respect to how much we kids depended on each other for entertainment and the bonding that took place before the age of technology.

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