Staying Focused

Going on week 21 of stay at home isolation is certainly putting me to the test. Finding distractions has been a challenge, add to that no electricity for 5 days only doubled the effort. I love to read so that offered some means of escape, worked a little on my 1st novel and refined the art of sleeping. Going for rides as this city reverts to University mode is always entertaining and refreshing and as always a quick dip in our pool is an eye opener. Quite frankly, even all those options have become monotonous. Thoughts of adventuring into places that pose some danger have been tempting but then I realize there are some wandering out there with no masks or respect for their fellow man and I quietly return to my sanctuary. I know that soon this will pass and I'm doing all that I can to see it end. There's a different perspective when you have your whole life ahead of you than those of us who are nearer to the end. Most of us are still looking forward to making these the best years of our lives and the whole idea of staying focused and doing the right thing will let us accomplish that goal.

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