There are no Strangers "Howdy Neighbor"

The Durecho storm that caused so much damage throughout Iowa really put in focus what makes us special. Neighbor helping neighbor is not all that unusual, we've seen it often, for example, a farmer suffers a debilitating accident or disease and his neighbors plant his cops or if it's fall complete the harvest. It's that kind of spirit we have all witnessed this week. I'll use my own situation and that of my daughter who lives in a different city 10 miles away. We were fortunate, losing only some large limbs off our mature trees. Not 2 hours after the storm had left a friend of ours and his wife were out with a chainsaw clearing the debris a few days later I stepped out to discover that the debris was gone as another friend was driving by with his truck and trailer and loaded it up and hauled it away. My daughter came home from her ICU nursing job to find her house buried under 2 large trees and a third tree crushing he chain link fence. Her husband was away at Guard camp and needless to say she broke down. She was not alone long, within hours, friends and neighbors from miles around came with chain saws and other tools to begin the cleanup at times there were as many as 30 working at once, later some wives came with food to feed them all. It took 2 days to get it in decent shape and even then one of the local food trucks (Ricohs Tacos) brought more food at no cost. When I was finally able to make the trip there I found 2 farmers,that lived west of her, there with equipment to clean up the large debris out of her yard. "It's what you do when you can." they said, then continued down the street to help others. I cried twice that day, once when I saw the tremendous amount of damage caused to our beautiful state the second time it was tears of pride as it was confirmed once again why I've lived here all my life, "Is this Heaven, yes, we just named it Iowa!"

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