Finally, Power to the People

Many who know me would say I have lived most my life in the dark this week it became literal. The latest addition to my profanity list is "Durecho" as it knocked down trees and took my power down for 5 days. It made me wonder how I survived those hot summers of childhood, I guess we did have fans. We all of a sudden hated the electric stove we bought a few years ago. My neighbor found a good sized generator about 2am Tuesday morning which he placed about 30 feet from my window. After about 50 pulls on the starter coupled with a tirade of profanity it started putting out a sound equivalent to trying to sleep next to a go cart track. Needless to say with a little encouragement from a sleepy grizzly bear he moved it to the other side of his house. Well that promise to clean out the refrigerator and chest freezer has come to fruition. Finally at a little after 5 today power returned and my scream of elation stopped traffic on our very busy street. So many more Iowans have it worse than I, here's hoping their recovery is sooner than later. I can definitely relate to their predicament. More to come as I celebrate the meaning of being an Iowan.

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