Covid 19 has it's benefits, "WHAT!, have you gone completely out of your mind?" I ask myself. (a sure sign of minor insanity) In a quest for diversion I find myself suddenly becoming a bird watcher. I dug out my binoculars and have been scouring the trees in search of our feathered friends and it's kind of fun. I've been amazed at how many species are just outside my door. Then today I found out that our city is being recognized as one of America's Bird Friendly Cities hosting over 300 varieties of birds throughout the year. It is here I feel I should apologize to all the "Bird Nerds" I've insulted over the years and hope they will forgive me and allow me to become one their esteemed members. Don't knock it until you've tried it you may find it very entertaining. As far as I'm concerned, it is the closest I will ever get to tweeting.

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