You'd think living in a city for over 45 years would give you a sense of familiarity and for the most part that's true, but this time of year presents a feeling of strangeness. A big part of that is the University as about 12,000 newcomers settle in for the school year. This year, granted, will be a bit different as facial recognition will be impaired by the wearing of masks thanks to Covid 19. Will we adjust to forehead and eyeball recognition and the sounds of a muffled voice from 6 feet away. Will we also make note of those who fail to wash their hands in the restroom and avoid them. Will the ability to make new friends be impaired by our fear of the unknown or will we trust our instincts to make the right decision. I may never face these decisions because of the isolation imposed upon me and the limited contact as a result of it. I often hope I awake to find that this has been a horribly long nightmare but know it isn't. My escape has been my dreams, where everything is normal only to awake and look around with the question "Where am I?"

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