Week 18 of home isolation due to Covid 19 and I must admit to being a little stir crazy, I'm sure many of you are suffering the same effects. As I see many friends still getting out and about I often question whether I'm over reacting but my wife and daughter explain that among the vulnerable I rank at the top. Now my challenge is to create diversions that can occupy my time in a meaningful way. I have thought about buying a new acoustic guitar and sharpening the skills I gave up 50 years ago, my wife's fears are I would have to sing with it. Some people try their hand at painting and discover a hidden talent, as for myself I lack the patience, the only kind I enjoyed involved my fingers as brushes. I was going through some closets when I ran across my camera bag filled with lens challenges and my Nikon so that is going to be my diversion, finding the unusual and beautiful things that surround our lives and capturing them in pictures. I've definitely got the time and equipment and the opportunity to hone my skills. It will remove my temptation of saying "The hell with it." and chancing contact with Covid 19, I'll once again show patience rather than become one.

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