Remnants of History

I was listening, as I should, to my long time friend Jeff Stein and his Iowa Almanac segment of my morning show. His subjects are always stimulating to me, being a history buff, but this morning as he mentioned Hinklestown Iowa. This is a town I hadn't heard of before but during the 1860's was a significant part of Iowa's Civil War efforts. It has long since been abandoned except for now what is approximately 40 residents. I now have something to do this weekend, going to grab my camera and head to Hinklestown to see what I can find. This will be the beginning of what I hope will be a quest to capture some of Iowa's history and ghost towns. I've long thought of this project and am excited for it to begin. I guess in a weird way Covid 19 has brought this to fruition as a way to break the monotony invading many of our lives.

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