Admittedly, my life has been lived along different lines than other people. While many of us have experienced the same stops I've always had a tendency to veer off into some less visited locations. My sense of adventure may have been different than yours but even though our routes have taken alternate paths, our final destination will remain the same. I find age to be one of those wonderful adventures of time travel e.g. I'm sitting here enjoying a peach and as always the juices running down my chin and suddenly I hear my Grandmas laughter as she observed her ravenous grandson. This morning I was talking about an upcoming Backyard Campout by Parks and Recreation and picturing in my mind my Dad sitting up late into the night observing what he knew to be mischievous boys planning their escape and wander the streets in the wee hours of the morning and return undetected. Listening to the locusts takes me to my aunt and uncles back yard after a summer rain sitting on their back porch and listening to family history. Memories can be wonderful blessings, even those with Dementia and Alzheimers are able to snatch a moment in time and relive it. I wonder if a year from now writing this blog will be a memory in time.

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