With most businesses enforcing some kind of mask requirement I have to question how sincere they are. As I was sitting and waiting for my wife and daughter to return from a box store safari I was able to observe the idiocy of people who would rather challenge the rule than adhere to it. Yes, they are denying you your second amendment right to spread disease freely and jeopardize the welfare of others, but realize it is a privately owned business and they have the right to refuse you service. The posting of a diminutive, well mannered employee to remind you of their policy must give some of you the courage a couple of beers provides to confront them. Which brings to mind this question, why place a chipmunk to do a gorilla's job? Put your biggest, meanest looking employee out front with a couple of teardrop tatoo's under their eyes suggesting "Don't you think you ought to be wearing a mask, I assure you it's for your own good!" I think the challenges would go down considerably.

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