Hey Nonny Nonny and a Hot Cha Cha!

Cooped up for going on 15 weeks, practicing stay at home and for the most part only broken by Dr.'s visits and occasional rides, I still look forward to weekends. There is no sleeping in late, I'm up every day by 5 am it's just that my focus changes. Weekdays my schedule is very time oriented and specific as I do my radio show from home, weekends I feel more free spirited and less constricted. I realize that I can't do a lot of what I used to do because of covid 19 but am able to find enough necessary distractions to keep my sanity. Another big difference is my wife is here, in past years as she served as a sergeant on the Ames Police Force she was only home about 1 out of 4 weekends, now she's with me every weekend and we have never lacked for a sense of adventure or just great conversation. I'm sure this weekend will involve a cookout and some time in our pool plus beverages on the patio. To some this may not sound as exciting as it could be, but with the pandemic limiting our activities things could be worse.

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