Seclusion Illusion

My world has shrunk exponentially, more than I ever thought it would. Some is caused by others and most by my own doing. Covid 19 scares the hell out of me and I think by the most part many of you as well it should. Although I am a fierce advocate for face masks I understand they are not 100% foolproof but I also believe they give me and any persons near me a better chance of survival. This is my 13th week of isolation and the temptation to expand my horizons safely, permeate my thoughts. For over 72 years I have enjoyed the ability to go where and when I wanted but now am imprisoned by the pandemic. There is one thing I have learned that helps me through this, sometimes when you're knocked down it's best not to get up too quickly only to get knocked down again, suffering further injury. My plan is to rise slowly, assess the situation that surrounds me, then proceed accordingly. Covid 19 you will succumb to our patience, wisdom and ingenuity.

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