This is about the time of year we begin seeing "Back to School" sales but since we're not sure how it's going to look a few items might be added to the normal inventory. From my understanding masks will be mandatory, it will be interesting as to how these might be implemented. I think it would be fun to challenge students to express part of their personalities in the mask design (within good taste} just as they do now with t-shirts. Social spacing would be a big challenge especially during the changes between classes, will it be military like? Lunchtime is another temptation to socialize, obviously masks would be removed for eating and social distancing a must. One thing you can be assured of the plans for reopening have been made with the safety of students and faculty at the top of concern. We need to open up the schools but also realize the flexibility necessary to keep the Pandemic at bay and all concerned including extended families as safe as possible.

Check out todays Pod Casts as Mel in the Morning spoke with Ames Superintendent of schools, Dr. Jenny Risener as to plans for the opening of schools for the fall semester.