One must admit there still exists a little rebel in all of us especially when it comes to fireworks. The opportunity to step that fraction outside the law by setting them off when you're not supposed to. My 1st adrenaline flow came at the age of 10 as I sat on the roof of a friends house tossing some "Black Cats" into the alley, we knew the older lady next door loved calling the police and sure enough a cruiser would come by and we would "take it on the lam" for a while. My brother Joe was a fireworks bootlegger, he and a couple of buddies would head over the Missouri line just a bit, load up with explosive contraband and follow "Thunder Road" back to des Moines. (There were no Interstates) Of course I and my little brother would find the stash, take a few for ourselves and some for our own profitable enterprise. We had prepared a story if discovered "Dad what are these, we found them in Joes bottom drawer?" We were often taunted by Dad as he usually had his own illegal fireworks which he would set off and tell us we weren't old enough. We never argued knowing that this was the same man who smuggled a case of Coor's into Iowa every year despite having to cross state lines that were fraught with law enforcement looking for him. So this morning, as I preach the danger's of fireworks to my listeners I am suddenly filled with the urge to buy and set some off, yes illegally, but I dare not as the retired police sergeant that lives here with me is hungering for one more bust!

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