All of a sudden we have really begun to appreciate the little things in life. After god knows how many weeks of isolation, I've actually lost count, I revel in the sounds of the garbage truck, watching the postman on his rounds, listening to the honking of horns as UPS blocks traffic to deliver a package. When I take a ride and stop to watch kids fishing at the park a smile crosses my face as dad takes off the writhing creature and returns it to the water. I don't know about your 4th but I'll be close to home, a little cooking out, some time in the pool and probably a ride or 2. Most of all it will be time with my sanity, I call her Chris, my wife who will listen as to how life was in the old days and then will distract me with plans for a vacation in the fall, I'm definitely up for it even though it will truly be different than any one before. Monotony is truly my enemy, hope is my friend, and to dream is my sanity.

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