We have all heard the horror of fire works, our dad's friend, 3 fingers Billy, mom's little neighbor girl, Cyclops Sally, and of course the now ghost town of Short Fuse Iowa. All of these stories, whether true or not, were used frequently to instill a fear of fireworks in us and to allow adults to enjoy the thrill of setting the off to a later age. We sufficed with caps, magic snakes and sparklers. Caps made you either get a cap gun with them or get your dad's hammer and a brick, magic snakes produced acrid smoke, formed a pile that resembled black dog droppings and left a black burn on the concrete which took several cloudbursts to wash off, sparklers were the biggest mystery, Dad would light them up and we would write our names then as the scorching fire neared our little hands he would tell us to throw them in the air and they'd look like fireworks. A few minutes later he would say "Go get those wires out of the yard so they don't get caught in the lawnmower tomorrow." never thinking to tell us one end might still be white hot! Sadly many of the 4th of July fireworks displays have been cancelled because of Covid 19 but here's a tip that might work. Head to the countryside and keep you eyes open and you will find that many private shows will appear in several locations to at least satiate part of the need.

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