Let's do the Tighten Up

Well as we end week ?? of this stay in place action I find myself reenergized to continue in a bad way. I must admit temptation to widen my horizons have been in my thoughts the past few weeks as things began to open up. Thank goodness somehow the more logical side has kept control, that and the fear of getting desperately ill and dying. Having a daughter as a nurse in intensive care at a major Des Moines Hospital brings home reality every day. Knowing that younger people yearning to spread their wings may unknowingly be infecting their loved ones for the price of a few hours of social interaction. The first wave of Covid 19 is far from over and in some areas is growing to tsunami strength. Please my friends let's continue with the practices that have thus far kept us safe Social distancing, Hand washing and wearing masks(PLEASE WEAR YOUR MASKS!) and unfortunately staying in place. Avoid large crowds even if they are all family members, the temptations are great but the statistics speak for themselves, Covid 19 should and is not political in reality it is science and medical, we have gotten this far using common sense it will carry us farther. Sacrificing your social life will serve you better than dying.

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