Non Social, Social

My time on Face Book has been cut back to near nothing because of my disgust as to how much of a propaganda tool it has become. I'm ok with recipes, vacations, sharing of humor and connecting with old friends. My High School Graduating Class has it's own page where we can catch up on each other's lives and set up social gatherings, our 55th reunion is set for September Covid 19 Permitting. It also serves to notify us as to who has been sent to the "Big Principals Office" in the sky. It is the hate and vitriol being spread by a few and accepted by so many that bother's me. It's the lack of responsibility of the powers that be to edit and yes that dreaded word "censor" or better, filter out the ugliness. Ultimately the choice is ours, I've not completely deleted it yet but can assure you my visits have become infrequent and short. It's not the fascinating and entertaining platform it used to be and I hold the plug in my hand, "to pull or not to pull that is the question" I have a strong feeling that screen is soon to go BLACK!

It's the Breakfast Club this Friday from 7:30 to 8:30 am on 1430 KASI. The City of Ames will once again sponsor, in particular Ames Water Services. A number of guests are scheduled that will update you on coming events. Join Mel in the Morning and share a virtual cup of coffee, setback and relax as he get's you ready for the weekend and beyond on 1430KASI, and as always on your FREE iHeart App.