A Cane if I'm Able

On a visit to my podiatrist for my annual check up he asked me if I was having trouble with my balance. "I've been a little off balance all my life." I quipped back. He then put on his serious Doctors face and said that he had noticed a little unsteadiness in my gait and repeated his question. I explained that after my chemo I had been struggling but felt I was slowly gaining strength. The next sentence hit me in the middle of my brain, "I want you to consider using a cane." A cane, me, I don't feel pain nor incapacitated at all so I don't think so. Then he furthered his explanation, this is only a temporary situation, maybe a couple of months to help me build my strength faster and I would be switching it from side to side as needed. I'd feel like the ski bum that faked an injury and kept forgetting which side his injury was on. Well I've determined to give it a try and now am in the process of choosing one to express myself.

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